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We solve every size and type of data problem. We build bespoke full-stack tooling. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We take ourselves just seriously enough. We make fun and plausible solutions.

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Try This

Try This is an on-line recommender system for valve's gaming platform Steam. It gathers user's information by taking a random sample of the global population of steam users. It then uses collaborative filtering to recommend games to users.

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Ben Fields

is obsessed with data, beer, and music, not necessarily in that order. He has a PhD from the ISMS at Goldsmith University of London. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on playlists as music recommenders. He gives talks about beer styles, is an accredited beer judge, and homebrewer.

Sam Phippen

is often mistaken for that one Bitcoin guy. He is, however, a beardy hacker originating from, variously, Romsey (near Southampton!) and Bristol. He helps maintain RSpec, he loves a good software argument. He's sad that he can't hug every cat.
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